Welcome to my notes

Hi, This is my digital garden built using the awesome project Quartz 4 and obsidian app.

About me

I’m Zeyad a software engineer from Egypt 🇪🇬, working as a Fullstack engineer (frontend heavily). My type is INTJ Currently I spend most of my time learning Coding


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About this site

I created this site to track the things that might be useful to be shared with you, It’s not like my blog, the blog is more specific for articles I write, but here you’ll find my favs and notes 📝. for more information about how I created this site open the setup page.

Browsing the digital garden

To easily browse it, you can search for the keywords you’re interested in, or use the left sidebar for the full notes list. Only on Desktop, If you’re on a Mobile device, Click on#obsidian .Also keep an eye on the backlinks and mentions pages.