Frontend Learning Path (Updated 2022)

Notes before learning

  1. Most of online courses just introduce basic information of the X in its current version of X, they will not introduce everything, and you’ll not learn everything from courses, Documentations is the most important source/guide that you have to learn how to use it to use their product (X).
  2. Applying what you’re learning is a regular activity that you must do while learning anything in programming, code everything you learn.
  3. While learning or doing, you’ll definitely struggle in doing things, I strongly recommend create a or account and ASK the community, please don’t hesitate to ask communities, Learn how to ask a good question it’s a powerful skill!
  4. Use coding communities like GitHub to share what you’re coding with the public, It’ll be a reference for you in the future as well, Although it’ll help you to get job opportunities because people know you’re sharing code about X.
  5. Don’t get distracted, You wanna learn X** ** and you’ve asked someone, you got a resource, go with it, then apply! Don’t spend your days getting the perfect resource to learn X, __ in tech you never stop learning, so just start with any and increase your knowledge then.
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others, you don’t have the same abilities, time, environment, anything, you’re completely different/unique, persistence is the common factor for success.


Skip what you already know.

If you prefer learning from videos.

Introducing to internet



HTML and CSS Practice

Practice as much as you can, You could start with the next two resources:



Javascript Practice

Practice as much as you can, You could start with the next two resources:



React Practice

What’s next?

Now, you able to get your first job as frontend developer, you have a good portfolio (GitHub, LinkedIn, Stack overflow), you’ve built apps.

Some topics you can learn after that: