I have some previous experiments about note-taking and building your custom website to share these notes with public, I think this happened because of the mix of my career as a frontend engineer in this time and being curious about gaining knowledge and trying different things.

The first note-taking I’ve used is evernote, I used it to keep track of my tasks in the college in around 2016, this was a great app for keep track of tasks, assignments, lectures I want to study, lectures I missed. but all of the notes in this time was private and specific to my life, so in that case evernote was suitable for this basic usage, and it was free in multiple devices.

After that I tried different apps to take notes and tracking things, Until I settle on this setup.



  • macbook pro 2019 - 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 💻
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max📱
  • Apple Watch SE ⌚️


  • streaks is one of the main apps for my setup, I use it to track the habits, including reading, sleeping times, work and breaks, and other small tasks. This app is running on all of my devices and they all share same tasks, I’m keeping them private.
  • Notion I use it to track the private stuff, like long term plans, work notes, religious lessons, side projects plans, reading list. It’s a powerful tool for these things, actually I’m new to notion but notion is a rich note-taking app and i found it suitable to me.
  • Obsidian is the crm-like of this site, and public posts except for my blog at least until now, I don’t have so much working with obsidian but I can list the 3 tools that I’ve used to build this site in the next sub items.
    • quartz 4 Is the engine of the site, I use it to publish my notes from obsidian vault to the internet.
    • obsidian-git I use it to sync between obsidian vault and github, to automate the deployment process, it’s also helpful to sync the vault data between devices.

Sync your vault on all of your devices

If you’re using iPhone, then you don’t need to use extra apps with obsidian-git, It can do all what you want to do to sync your data among devices.

  • remotely-save I use it to backup the vaults on dropbox, to avoid losing data that may happen by the previous tool.