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Q: I have been hoping to pursue a career in software engineering / web development I have studied Python, HTML, CSS, JS and am starting to work my way through React I know this is very much the basics and am trying to work out the paths that other people with experience have taken, Would you have any advice?

Practice smart.

a. Open figma community. b. Search for a template of an idea you love to implement. c. Start implementing it using react.

While practicing try to see how the others implement this part, how they organize the folder structure, how they manage the state, which is better react query or redux thunk or sagas, how to create custom hook to do specific function, challenge yourself to do hard/new to you parts.

Then you can add auth functionality, you can use orm to connect a db, search for how to build your database, how to build api for it, how to add some security features to your app.

After building the fullstack app, you will like part more than the other, I mean frontend or backend, then begin your career with it. Don’t start your career as a fullstack, focus on side and then increase your knowledge of the other side step by step.

  • Use Typescript.
  • Share your app on your linkedin and github accounts, also highlight the good parts of the app/codebase.
  • Ask the experienced devs to give you some advises or reviews on the implemented code.
  • Build a blog.
  • Share articles.